Wanna dope song that catches the attention of thousands and depending on how hard you grind, millions? Hire Tae Clint, one of the world's best song writers to write for you! 

Despite the Pandemic, 2020 has still been what I said it would be and I'm grateful for it all. It hasn't been perfect but worth it. I'm always stressing how your world is shaped by thoughts because your thoughts will govern your actions. After I wrote and put out songs like "I Noticed Dat" "Legacy" and "Who Cares" I captured the attention of some dope people both domestically and internationally.  Thousands of people around the world began to acknowledge my talent and are now inquiring about writing songs for them. It's truly a blessing to be able to do what I love and have people from different walks of life, supporting and wanting to work with me.  

So I've decided to take my passion of songwriting a step further and not only write dope songs for myself but for other passionate people as well. I specialize in writing Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, and Pop Songs. That's my lane right there and I'm going to stick with writing within those genres for now.  If you want to purchase a pre-written song, then you can click on the "Songs for sale" button on the menu bar.  If you just so happen to land on this page and haven't heard my music, you can search Tae Clint on all major streaming platforms or simply look within this site, my music is here.  I'm looking forward to partnering with you in any mutually beneficial way I can fam! Let's unleash all of these dreams inside of us and give it our all! - Tae Clint

Prices are as followed:

one verse with 16 bars total: $150 

two verses, 16 bars on each verse: $300

Full song: Two verses, 16 bars each w/Chorus: $500





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